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West Sussex Technical Rescue Unit

Most of us take it for granted that if there is a major incident in East Grinstead the fire service will come to our rescue. But did you know that West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has a dedicated team…

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A Dog’s Day Out

With the Sun Season now here, why not take yourself and your friends, partners or colleagues, for a fun day out at the Dog Track! It is reasonably priced and a touch cheaper than the horses! Brighton & Hove Greyhound…

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British Coarse Team 2014

A worm at one end … And a fool at the other

This famous saying about anglers and their sport that non-converted folk agree with misses the fact that angling is much more than dangling a worm in an expanse of water trying to catch an elusive creature or monster. Angling in…

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Bryn Puts Away His Passport

Bryn the border collie has travelled the world to help in disaster areas but now it’s time for him to put away his passport and spend quality time at home. Eleven year old Bryn, who has just returned from working…

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