Team Noble: Monday Race Update 7

Team Noble have relayed the following message as part of their weekly update:

We’ve had quite an interesting week.  Quite a publicity one as well, on Monday we spoke to John Beattie on the BBC Radio Scotland Programme, good 6 minutes of chat… well we did all the talking sorry about that John but once we started we couldn’t stop.  We were asked what it is like out here so we told him, it leaves you in awe of your surroundings.  The sunrise and sunset are amazing and at night around 3am the moon comes up and fills the area with a white light.  You also see shooting stars every 5 minutes which, again, are amazing.  The wildlife too are a sight to see. We have seen dolphins, turtles, dorsal fins of whales and a marlin, now that was a Wow experience.  We have tried to film the whales but have had no success yet.  We also have a bird that follows us, we’ve called him Ishmael, flies around and every morning he comes to see us. We haven’t a clue what he does.

On an interaction note, we have seen and spoke to several ships, the last one was a P&O Liner, MV Arcadia.  Spookily enough our Grandad (yes another Grandad story) was on the MV Arcadian when he crossed the Atlantic, a sign maybe!! The Captain told all the passengers about our row and the Challenge which was good of him. The last ship we saw was at night when our lights failed. Blair has now fixed the lights by taking the wiring from the fan system and using it in the lighting system, so with some success and a few electric shocks we are good to go.  We also had a yacht that passed us by and spoke for a bit. They informed us of another rowing boat in the area, Tiny Dancer, belonging to Team Oarstruck.

The weather has been a bit calmer these last few days and we have been for a swim, we had a look at the hull to see if it needed cleaning but under the waterline was all clean and above it just needed a wipe down. Justin did a great job with the anti-foul. That was the point Blair thought he’d seen a shark, however it was the Marlin and we managed to film it so that was good.  It is harder to row when the sea is calm and our distance covered is reduced quite a bit.  At the moment we aim to get in around the 6th Feb but that may change.

The one bizarre event this week was we caught up with Team Oarstruck, they phoned us up and we arranged to meet for breakfast in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Surprisingly we found each other and floated within talking distance while we had breakfast.  We swapped a few stories and jokes then headed off on our way.  We all seem to have gone through the same situations and conditions which is reassuring.  We are still in good spirits, and still talking haha, and within a few weeks of land even more determined to succeed.

Well that’s all for this weeks’ update.  Thanks again for following us and sponsoring us.  We hear that more money is being donated to the Firefighters Charity every day which is great news.
Team Noble

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