Team Noble: Monday Race Update 4

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Team Noble had a Merry Christmas, with wind nice and low, temperatures very pleasing and the waves 2-3m blowing in a good direction. We thought we would take it easy today and regroup both our strength and food intake. Blair has found a liking for supernoodles, any flavour. He’s not got a great appetite at the moment but needs to eat. We caught a fish, a Dorado which we made into sushi. So our Christmas Lunch was sushi, tinned turkey washed down with a small dram. Blair spoke to his Wife and I, Kris, spoke to my Wife and two young Daughters. It was a hard conversation as we miss them all ( just need to row faster then). We have settled into a good routine which works well for us, during the day it’s 1 hour row while the other rests. Then we change around. In the evening we do 3 hour stints as this gives us a good sleep. This works at the moment but no doubt will change and we’ll take it as it comes. Winds have started to pick up but it is sunny and we listened to our music … however to ease on the boredom, the speaker we were charging up overheated and we had to deal with a small fire, all safely done. Good job it was “Test it Tuesday” and the smoke alarm had been tested. As it happens we were watching the speaker when it went awry. After hearing about various capsizes and fires we have made a few changes to things to try and ensure our safety better. We seem to be making good progress but it is necessary to head South and get into the trade winds. Plus the forecast and the Race Organisers have said that the weather approaching will push us up North and that’s not good.

Turning South is a problem though as the waves are coming from the East which means if we turn sideways we may capsize, which we have came close to twice, so for the time being we’ll wait until the wind and waves calm down a bit. We did try to head South but rowed for 3 hours and got nowhere. However we did get that time to watch a turtle swim up to us, rather large it was! We receive forecasts at 0800 every day from Scotland which are very valuable. We also heard that their internet crashed just as we requested information from Dunblane. Thankfully BT Openreach pulled all the stops out and going above and beyond sorted the problem, thanks BT Openreach.

On a technical note our watermaker is great and working ok. It has been overcast more than sunny and charging our batteries takes some time, we have adapted and turn electrical equipment off whilst recharging which is working well. We had to repair the sliding seat as it stopped sliding, all fixed now and we’re off. Blisters have started to appear on our hands and bum so they need to be cared for properly to prevent infection setting in. Before anyone asks, we apply our own cream!!

Saturday 30th Dec saw strange weather conditions with waves and wind coming in different directions for us but mainly pushing us North, not good. A bird hitched a ride, it was funny watching a single bird on the boat obviously it too was being messed about with the weather. Sunday was much better and allowed us to head South. At 0900 on Sunday we were visited by one of the support yachts who took photo’s of us and will send them home. In the distance we also saw a ship, obviously going faster. We have now rowed 744 miles, not long now.

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