Six people rescued from shopping centre lifts after power cut

Five adults and a child had to be rescued from lifts in a shopping centre after a major power failure in Dundee city centre.

Wellgate: Shopping centre evacuated due to power failure.

Wellgate: Shopping centre evacuated due to power failure.

The Wellgate Centre was evacuated after the cut, with a fire engine called shortly before 12pm on Tuesday.

Three adults and a child were released from a glass elevator in the main shopping hall, while the other two people were released from another two lifts.

SSE confirmed the fault had come from an underground cable close to Abertay library.

A Scottish Fire and Rescue service spokesman said: “We got the call through at 11.44pm. Three adults and one child were released from a glass-fronted elevator.

“One adult was released from the lift by the Iceland store and one adult was released from the lift at the job centre. In total, six people were released from lifts in the shopping centre.

“The fire crew used lift keys to open the doors of the lifts and a manual override button to get them down to the appropriate level.”

Everyone trapped in a lift had been freed by 12.30pm, the fire service also confirmed.

The Wellgate posted on its Facebook page: “We are currently in evacuation due a major power failure affecting the city centre. There are currently 498 businesses without power, we are in contact with SSE.”

It commented a short time later: “The centre has now reopened. Thank you everyone for your patience.”

An SSE spokesman said: “Just before 11am, we received reports from customers that their power was out.

“It affected around 500 properties in the Meadowside, Union Terrace and King Street areas of the city centre.

“Our priority was to get power back on in the affected areas as soon as possible, which we did by rerouting power supplies.

“Power was restored to all the affected areas shortly before 1pm. It was caused by a fault in an underground cable near to Abertay library.”

The spokesman added: “We would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused, and assure them that everything was done to get them back on supply as quickly as possible.”