Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service launches recruitment drive

Have you ever wanted to pull someone from a burning building or rescue a cat from a tree?

Could you be a retained firefighter?

Could you be a retained firefighter?

Now is your chance as Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has launched its latest recruitment drive for on-call firefighters.

The service is urging anyone who fancies helping to save lives to get in touch with their local fire station.

A total of 14 stations across the county are looking for on-call firefighters to join their crews. They are Stapleford, Retford, Worksop, Harworth, Warsop, Eastwood, Newark and Blidworth, while Southwell, Bingham, Ashfield, Collingham, Tuxford and Misterton are all stations where new staff are particularly needed.

Applicants have until October 30, but if you want a bit more information, all of the on-call stations will be opening up their training sessions over the next three weeks.

Station manager Craig Day, who is leading the recruitment drive, said: “Serving your community as a firefighter is an incredibly rewarding and extraordinary role; we know that there are numerous members of the public that may not have previously thought of a career in the fire and rescue service, but would make a fantastic addition to our team.

“Retained firefighters provide an essential service for us as they provide vital on-call cover to some of the more rural parts of Nottinghamshire. As we are keen to boost our numbers at our retained stations, we are appealing to local people to get in touch and learn more about becoming an on-call firefighter.

“On-call crews attend a variety of incidents, which can be in challenging circumstances, however going home knowing that you’ve helped make your community safer is an exhilarating feeling.”

Retained staff are given the same training as full-time firefighters and attend the same types of incidents, sometimes with their own crew and sometimes in support of their full-time colleagues.

They work on a part-time basis and commit a certain number of hours per week to being on-call. During these hours they carry a pager and respond to emergencies from home or another place of work.

Anybody interested in helping create safer communities and applying to be an on-call firefighter should ring the NFRS HR department on 0115 838 8247 or visit for more information.