North Wales Fire and Rescue service become first ‘dementia friendly’ organisation

Credit: North Wales Fire and Rescue

Credit: North Wales Fire and Rescue

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service has become the first organisation in North Wales to receive official recognition as ‘Working to become Dementia Friendly’.

The service has been recognised for working in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society to help those living with dementia and to ensure staff understand how best to support people living with the illness.

People with dementia may be at an increased risk of fire due to lack of concentration, short term memory and dexterity issues. Forgetfulness and confusion about how to use equipment can also cause problems, and they may find it more difficult to escape or understand what is happening if a fire occurs.

Ensuring staff have a good understanding of the problems faced by people with dementia, and having an active referral system in place helps us to take prompt supportive action to make a real difference to the safety of people living with dementia.STUART MILLINGTON, SENIOR FIRE SAFETY MANAGER FOR NORTH WALES FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE

We’re pleased to confirm that North Wales Fire Service is the first organisation to achieve ‘working to become dementia-friendly’ status in their own right in North Wales.

This means that North Wales Fire Service has, and will continue to, make changes to ensure that the fire and rescue service in North Wales has a good understanding of what dementia is, how it affects people and how they can support people living with dementia within the community.JO LANE, DEMENTIA FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES COORDINATOR, ALZHEIMER'S SOCIETY