Jersey Fire and Rescue Service respond to kitchen hob fire

Jersey Fire and Rescue Service have responded to a kitchen hob fire this evening which they say, could have been ‘very serious’.

The team received a call at 7pm after neighbours in a block of Maisonettes noticed flames burning on the top of a kitchen hob.

Two fire engines attended the incident in Tower Road and firefighters had to force entry into the property after it became clear that the occupiers had gone out.

Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the kitchen to fight the fire which had already began to spread on nearby items.

The fire was quickly extinguished and the burnt items removed from the property.

Thanks to the sharp eyes of the neighbours the Fire and Rescue Service were able to attend rapidly and extinguish the fire before it became a fully developed kitchen fire. It’s advisable not to use your hob as an extension of your work top or for storage of items when the hob is not in use. It is so easy for young children to turn the hob on or to accidentally knock it on yourself. We always advise to switch your cooker and hob off at the wall whilst you are not using them.WATCH COMMANDER RICHARD RYA