Helping Fire and Rescue Services to save young drivers’ lives

How virtual reality can help change the lives of young drivers


Drivers under 24 are statistically more likely to have road accidents – they lack experience, take more risks and get easily distracted. Would they behave differently if they knew what it was like to be in a serious accident? Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service thought so. They teamed up with Samsung to dramatise the consequences of unsafe driving using VR.

Using Gear VR to change attitudes

In one of the first projects of its kind in the UK, six minutes of VR content was created so large groups of young drivers could experience the consequences of dangerous driving at first hand – by wearing Samsung Gear VR headsets. Using the power of VR meant 12,000 students a year could use the simulator and receive the road safety talks – creating more good days at work for Fire and Rescue Services.

Paul Speight, Watch Manager for Road Safety at Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “VR has the potential to help us meet the challenges of road safety education in a hugely exciting and engaging new way. Thanks to the Samsung Gear VR technology, we are now able to communicate an incredibly powerful safety message.”

Since the content has been released, there has been interest from police and ambulance services across the UK. The initiative will be showcased in an upcoming Channel Four documentary “Behind The Blue Lights”.