First pictures of the lorry that got stuck Tunbridge Wells High Street

The lorry became stuck in the High Street

Pictures show the rescue operation that ensued after a large lorry became stuck in the middle of Tunbridge Wells High Street earlier this afternoon (August 3).

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called by Kent Police who were the first on the scene and dealing with traffic control.

The front of the lorry became stuck under scaffolding which caused the back end to lift – meaning the wheels could not reach the floor to enable the vehicle to manoeuvre.

Firefighters attempting to move the trapped lorry

He said: “The lorry seemed to have come up the kerb and become stuck underneath the scaffolding.

“It’s struggling to get purchase on the back wheels – they are raised off the ground. The fire service is trying to get it so that the wheels can get purchase so it can back up.”

A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: “We were called by Kent Police who were there dealing with traffic controls.

“There is a heavy goods vehicle blocking the roadway and it looks like it hit some scaffolding.

“We are assisting with Kent Police to help move it.”

The lorry has since been moved and the road is now clear.