Avon Fire & Rescue appoint interim fire chief

Mike Crennell has been appointed as Avon Fire & Rescue’s Interim Chief Fire Officer.
Photo: Twitter/Mike Crennell

An Interim Chief Fire Officer has been appointed at Avon Fire & Rescue Service.

Mike Crennell from Mid and West Wales Fire & Rescue Service will be joining the team on a six month contract, temporarily replacing CFO Kevin Pearson.

Crennell was, for two years, the Deputy Chief Fire Officer at Mid and West Wales (MAWW), and before that, a firefighter at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service since 1992.

It was announced that new managers and senior officers were going to be brought in after a government report criticising Avon Fire Authority’s culture and leadership was published in July.

Evidence of bullying, cover-ups and financial irregularities in the fire authority, which runs the rescue service.

The inspector found that senior officers, including the Chief Fire Officer Kevin Pearson, enjoyed pay rises of up to 8% while ordinary firefighters’ pay was capped at 1%.

Pearson was suspended, along with his deputy Lorraine Houghton, as both the service and the authority were found responsible for its oversight.