At least 30 dead in Grenfell Tower fire, say police

Commander Stuart Cundy says death toll likely to rise further but that it is difficult to know how many people are missing

The remains of Grenfell Tower. Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

It has been confirmed that the Grenfell Tower fire killed at least 30 people, including one who died in hospital, police have said.

Commander Stuart Cundy said 12 bodies were in the mortuary but a others remained in the burnt-out high rise. He said the number of dead was likely to rise further.

“The investigation will look at what criminal offences may have been committed,” Cundy said, adding that the flat where the fire started had been examined and there was nothing to suggest it had been started deliberately.

“It is going to take a considerable period of time to fully work through Grenfell Tower over the coming weeks,” he said.

Cundy was heckled by residents shouting questions about why residents had not been told the number of people missing. He listened and attempted to answer.

Addressing anger at the incomplete death toll, Cundy added: “What is important for me is I will only say something that I know to be true. Sadly, I do believe those numbers who have died will increase. As soon as we can we will share that with the families and wider community.”

He said it was difficult to know how many were missing. Family liaison officers were with 36 families and there was an ongoing process to establish an accurate figure.

He said everyone in hospital had been identified and their families were aware, and noted that the nature of the intense fire made identification of those who had been killed difficult.

At least 24 people are being treated in hospital, 12 are in a critical condition.

Cundy also reiterated requests for family members to get in touch if they were still unsure what had happened. He said police officers would speak to relatives.

The fire brigade said there were no fires within the building but conditions were still hazardous.