Firefighters have issued a warning over white goods at risk of combusting into flames.


Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging people to stop using white goods that are subject to product recall or safety notices – even if the manufacturer says it is safe to do so.

The message comes as MPs are being urged to back a parliamentary motion expressing “deep concern” about the potential fire risk posed by white goods.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer of Oxfordshire  Fire and Rescue Service, Rob MacDougall, said:  “If you find out that one of your white goods is subject to a safety notice or recall, it is really important that you do not continue to use it.

“This is a view shared by other Fire and Rescue Services across the country and by the Chief Fire Officers Association.

“If you want to check if a white appliance is part of a manufacturer’s recall or subject to a safety notice, check the manufacturer’s website.

“Alternatively, visit  to check if your appliances are safe.”

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service attends more than two incidents every month involving white goods.

Destruction was inflicted on a house in East Challow after a fire engulfed its entirety, leaving behind piles of ashes in its wake, in July.

The blaze was started after a tumble dryer sparked into flames and gutted a home.

Plumes of thick black smoke billowed into the sky but the family, understood to be a woman and her three young children, managed to escape to safety.

In June a tumble dryer at a flat in St Clements, Oxford, also caught alight.

Firefighters were called to Alan Bullock Close after reports a laundry room was ablaze just before 10.30pm.

Officers managed to extinguish the flames and contain the fire before it spread to other parts of the building.

A washing machine in Falcon Close, Oxford, burst into flames in August while its occupant was out of the property.

Firefighters drenched the flames and prevented them from spreading from the kitchen, but the rest of the house in Blackbird Leys suffered smoke damage.

Deputy Council Leader Rodney Rose said: “In line with the advice offered by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service we strongly advise homeowners and tenants to check whether their white goods are subject to a product recall.

“It’s something you might not always be aware of but left unchecked puts you and who you live with in danger.”

White goods fire safety tips

  • Be sure to register your appliances so you can be contacted if a safety repair is ever needed. It’s easier than you think.
  • Don’t leave appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines running over night or when the house is empty.
  • Good housekeeping can reduce the risk of fire – dusty vents on fridges should be cleaned.
  • If your tumble dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes the vent hose may need cleaning out.
  • Research revealed that 32% of Brits would continue to use white goods even if they started making strange noises.  It’s never wise to ignore strange appliance noises – turn the appliance off and call an electrician.
  • Make sure you have working smoke alarms and a fire escape plan.
  • Visit  for more tips and advice about electrical safety.