All Dogs Matter set for Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Bring Your Dog To Work Day aims to raise money for charities that make a huge difference to the welfare of animals. The initiative was created by natural pet grooming product company HOWND.

Employees at BorrowMyDoggy are advocates of dogs in the workplace.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day – which is organised by the dog grooming product company HOWND – is urging employers and employees to prepare for Britain’s most memorable day at the office.

On Friday 24 June, businesses from across the UK will welcome their dog loving employees into the workplace along with their loyal (and well-behaved!) four-legged companions to raise money for All Dogs Matter, a charity which rehomes hundreds of dogs every year in London and Norfolk.

This year’s event has already secured a variety of business sponsors across different industries – including pet product businesses, marketing agencies and even a regional police force.

With just under a month to go until Bring Your Dog To Work Day, there’s still plenty of time for businesses and individuals to donate and get involved. Businesses can donate online (minimum of £50) to take part and become a sponsor, while individuals can gift online or via text (minimum of £2 online, or £1 via text).

“This has been our most promising year yet in terms of the level donations we’ve had with just over a month to go until the event. Businesses across a number of different industries have been so enthusiastic to get involved, which means we’re gearing up for a brilliant day in June,” explains Jo Amit, co-founder of HOWND.

“A new addition to this year’s event is the new official t-shirt, which is available to buy online. It’s a great way to makes sure employees look the part on Bring Your Dog To Work Day, with all profits going to All Dogs Matter.”

Participants are welcome to use the initiative as a sponsored event to raise funds for charities that are close to their hearts, using the hashtag #BringYourDogToWorkDay.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day took the national press and social media by storm in 2015. The initiative was mentioned by The Times, Daily Mirror, The Independent, ITV’s Loose Women, Metro and Mashable – it even trended on Twitter within the UK.

Celebrities such as ITV’s Loose Women and Ricky Gervais got involved, tweeting their support using the #BringYourDogToWorkDay hashtag.

For further information about Bring Your Dog To Work Day please visit the official website, or email

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