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Who are Tiber Design Ltd?

Tiber Design Ltd are a bespoke service company offering a personalised range of services with the aim of helping you grow your business and reach your target audience both effectively and efficiently.

What services can Tiber Design Ltd help me with?

Please check out the Services section of our website, for a comprehensive and up-to-date list of the range of services that we can offer in order to help promote your business.

What advertising campaigns does Tiber Design Ltd run?

Currently we are promoting the Firestyle Magazine. This magazine has a far reach, and is distributed amongst many places of public interest. We are the sole publishers of this magazine.

Are Tiber Design Ltd associated with any other publishing companies or charities?

No, we are completely independent, and we are also not related, nor do we have any links to the emergency services or any constabularies in the UK. We also are not involved in any charitable publishing as this is not what we specialise in.

Do Tiber Design Ltd have any connections with any of the emergency services?

No. We are a completely independent publishing company. Our publications are local magazines. The articles included within the publications can relate to anything from; local policing, law enforcement, gun & knife crime, through to; recycling, safe driving campaigns, childhood obesity and bullying within the workplace – anything that is in the public eye or creates concern within the community. We produce a series of publications which are all free of charge.

Can I change / amend my proof copy of artwork?

Yes. Please email your amendments to design@firestylemagazine.co.uk or by post in the returns envelope provided. When sending the amendments please include the invoice number.

Can you use my logos / graphics / colour scheme?

Absolutely! We would love to hear your input during the design process – it helps us help you better. Please attach any graphics you wish to send us in high quality, preferably 300dpi, and email design@firestylemagazine.co.uk any further suggestions you wish to make.

If I do not approve my artwork before the deadline, will Tiber Design Ltd print the artwork as shown?

Yes. We always give ample time for clients to approve their artwork, and also extend this deadline if further artwork amendments are requested. However, the onus for communicating and approving these amendments falls upon the client – despite our best efforts by our Design Team to prompt you for an approval. This is required to prevent any delays with publishing dates.

Will I receive a copy of the publication my advert appears in?

Yes. You may request up to 5 complimentary copies. Any additional copies will incur a postage charge.

How are your magazines distributed?

Please check our Distribution page for detailed information regarding distribution.

Where can I pick up a copy of the magazine?

The magazine is distributed to public community buildings, local trade and industry, throughout the public sector, and also directly from ourselves by contacting us by email or phone.

How often and how many publications are printed?

Please check our Publishing Schedule for detailed information regarding publishing.

What are your publication dates?

Please check our Publishing Schedule for detailed information regarding publishing.

What are my payment terms?

Standard payment terms are 14 days from the date of the sales confirmation phone call.

How do I take advantage of my discount?

You must settle your account within 7 days of confirmation to qualify for any Early Payment Discount. We accept credit/debit card, BACS or cheque and Tiber Design Ltd will send you a receipt on payment.

I am experiencing financial difficulty and cannot pay, what shall I do?

Please contact our Accounts Department immediately. A member of the team may arrange a payment plan or extend the invoice terms. Individuals and companies can run into difficulties. If we don’t know about it we can’t help you, and you may be liable for late payment charges.

Can I cancel my order?

All orders are subject to a 14 day cooling off period. For cancellations after this point, a cancellation fee may be applicable depending on what stage your order is in, at the time we receive your cancellation request – please refer to the Terms and Conditions that are sent to you within the pack posted to you following your order for detailed information. Please contact our customer services if after checking our Terms and Conditions you have any queries regarding this process.

Could my company advertise on the Tiber Design Ltd website?

Tiber Design Ltd is very selective about the companies that appear on the main page, you have to meet the compliance of Tiber Design Ltd. If successful, the arrangement would be done for a cost for a 3 month period.

How else could Tiber Design Ltd help my business?

Please check out the Services section of our website to view all the services that we currently offer. If you are interested in any other additional services that are not listed on our website, please do let us know, as quite often we should be able to make this happen, and it may encourage us to offer this service more in the future!