Home & Garden with Craig Philips

Home & Garden with Craig PhilipsFirestyle magazine are delighted to welcome Craig Philips for his home and garden tips. Craig has many years of experience in this field and he will be giving us his useful tips in keeping the garden spic and span and modifications around the home.

We all know Craig for his win in the very first Big Brother, where he very kindly donated his £70,000 winnings to his childhood friend and Down’s syndrome sufferer, Joanne Harris. Within six days of leaving the show, Craig has raised over £250,000 for life saving treatment for Joanne.

Since then, Craig has gone on to forge a brilliant career as one of the UK’s leading D.I.Y and home improvement experts.

Presenting over 1.000 home improvement shows and D.I.Y shows for television on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Sky 1, UKTV Style & Discovery Realtime, Craig has reached millions of viewers throughout the World. When asked about joining our team, Craig said “the UK Fire & Rescue service do such an amazing job, it would be a privilege to pass on my knowledge and try and help those, who help us in such an important way, day in day out, 365 days a year!”

Craig was asked what topic he felt would be relevant for our Autumn edition. He advised that at this time of year, preparation and protection for your fencing and decking was important. Here, he gives us his tips!

Craig’s fencing and decking tips

Craigs fencing and decking tipsIt’s with great pleasure that I have been asked to write the regular article on Home & Garden feature in Firestyle.

The first subject I am covering is protecting your fencing and decking.

When’s a good time to maintain your fencing and decking? With all wooden materials like fence panels or slats that permanently exposed to the elements, it’s wise to do so at least once or even twice a year if possible.

When treating your decking planks, preparation is the key, the more time your spend on preparing the surfaces. Not only will they last longer but will look better too.

Start with your Jet power washer, spray clean all the dirt and moss that may of grown and clung to the surface, making sure that you clean between all the grooves were the dirt often get trapped. You could even apply a fungal cleaner with a hard yard brush, to help clear the surface. Then make sure you rinse the area off again with your Jet washer.

Leave the surface to dry off as much as possible, mask up around all the walling areas were you don’t want the stain/ varnish or treatment to go.

Craig's fencing and decking tipsTo get the best results when spraying any surface is to use a Wagner Paint sprayer, which are very easy to use, and you don’t have to of had any experience to be able to use Wagner sprayers. They are world leaders in developing paint spray technology.

Once you have filled up the canister with your treatment and your ready to spray, hold the unit around 4 inches ‘100mm’ away from the surface and start spraying. Its very important to keep the unit moving at all times. It maybe wise for anyone who is using a sprayer for the first time, to try it out and a old piece of cardboard could be used to the speed and flow of the paint. There is a paint flow control dial on the unit to reduce and increase the paint flow.

When spraying the decking planks make sure that you get between all the edges of each plank and between every groove that’s been routed out of the surface of each decked plank. These grooves are designed for a non slip tread, so its very important that you get just the right amount of treatment on the planks. Be careful not to use too much to fill the grooves but just enough to cover and protect the area, as if you don’t, that’s when the rain, sleet and snow could settle in there and could penetrate though the timber and start to decay it.

Preparing and maintaining your decking and fence panels regular will not only keep your home looking great but keep the value of your house up to.