Having a bad hair day? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Q. I spend a lot of money each month on my salon colour but it seems to fade very quickly. I want it to stay looking vibrant for longer, what can I do?
A. Is your colour permanent or semi-permanent? Many women visit the salon and don’t know which dye is being applied to their hair. If it’s permanent, the colour will stay in until cut out or re-coloured, if it’s a semi-permanent then expect it to wash out after approximately 18-20 washes – remember, although permanent colours have got staying power, they are harsher on your hair, so if it’s in bad condition, stick to a semi.

What colour is your hair? Reds are notoriously difficult to maintain. If you have a red hue then you will have to be prepared to colour your hair more frequently. Reds fade fast; washing, blow-drying, styling, sunlight and chlorine will fade your colour quickly. Specialist shampoos designed for red colours can help.

After having your hair coloured wait at least 48 hours before washing to protect your new shade – this extra time will allow the colour to settle. Always wash your locks with water at a cool temperature because hot water opens the cuticles on the hair shaft, allowing dye to escape – cooler water will give your colour more longevity.

Avoid clarifying shampoos – these are products which are designed to deep clean the hair. Not surprisingly they strip out colour causing it to fade fast.

Always buy shampoo and conditioner which is designed for coloured hair because they are formulated without the harsh chemicals that are responsible for stripping out colour.

If you’ve got a holiday in the sun planned, pack hair products with SPF protection and UV filters to protect against the sun’s rays. If your in the pool keep your hair out of the water, or coat it in conditioner before you take a swim.

Q. No matter what I do with my hair it always ends up looking flat. How can I inject some volume?
A. Use a volumising product on your roots when your hair is damp. Tip your head upside down to blow-dry until hair is nearly dry, then flip your head back and use a round brush with a metal barrel to add lift and volume throughout the top sections. Think carefully about your hair colour, one all-over colour can make your hair look flatter, choose highlights in several shades to create more interest and give the illusion of a thicker, fuller and more voluminous mane.

Q. My hair is really frizzy, what can I do?
A. Fight frizz by using a deep conditioning treatment every time you wash your hair. Remember to apply it to the lengths and ends only to avoid greasy-looking roots. Before you dry your locks, apply a serum or oil, section off your locks and direct your hairdryer’s nozzle downwards as you dry, to create a smooth finish. If you’re still finding that your style is frizzy when you’ve finished add a little more oil or serum.

Q. My hair looks damaged, dry and dull. I’ve been using straighteners on my long hair every day for sometime, are they to blame?
A. Yes. Any heat styling – straightening, curling, blow-drying – can have a damaging effect, especially on long hair styles. Heat tools dry out the lengths and ends of hair leaving locks looking frazzled. Although we all depend on them to create the looks we want for our hair, it is important to not over-use them. Always use a good quality heat protection spray before blow-drying, straightening or curling. Try to leave hair to dry naturally when you can and always deep-condition your mane.