Christmas Beauty Tips

We all know that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, so don’t hold back this Christmas, find a glamorous party look that’s guaranteed to make you the belle of the ball.


Getting your hair and make-up just right is essential for whatever social gathering you’re attending because it’s those finishing touches that make you look really special.

December’s party season is the one month in the calendar where you can really embrace a strong look, so make the most of it.

Here’s how to achieve a classic and sophisticated make-up style that’s perfect for every Christmas party.

Get the Look:

Porcelain skin, flushed cheeks, berry stained lips and defined eyes make for fabulous make-up at this time of year. Embracing your natural complexion and choosing a foundation shade that’s close to it can give incredible results and a really classy finish.

If you’re used to applying bronzer though, leaving it off – even in the winter – will take a little getting used to, but it’s always good to step out of your cosmetic comfort zone and try something new.

Skin really has got to be flawless for this look. Use a primer first, then apply a covering foundation, using a foundation brush.

Choose a light-reflecting loose powder to apply on top of your foundation for a radiant glow that helps to set your base.

Although glittery cosmetics are everywhere at this time of year, it really is best to stay away from them, because shimmer and glitter show up every line and wrinkle and aren’t flattering unless you’re a teenage girl.

If you do fancy some sparkle though, opt for a dazzling nail varnish instead.

Sculpt cheekbones by applying a blusher in a dusky pink hue. Remember to not place the colour too close to the centre of your face – smile as you apply it so that you see the apples of your cheeks, and sweep upwards and outwards.

Next, lightly define your eyes. Use a neutral eyeshadow across the lids and brow bone, then apply a light brown shade in the socket, and a deeper brown in the far corner.

Brush your brows in to shape using a brow brush, pluck away any stray hairs, and emphasise them with a hint of colour. Use a brow powder to add definition and shape – it’s worth doing this even if you don’t usually, as strong make-up calls for more defined brows – and finish with a slick of gel to set them.

Choose a liquid liner in black and line your top lid, extend the line out to create a small flick if you want to, wait for it to dry fully before curling your eyelashes and apply lashings of mascara. For extra definition use some false eyelashes, but make sure that they are natural looking.

Use a soft black eye-pencil under your eye, and on the inner rim choose black liner for a smoky look or white for a wide-eyed look. Finish with a touch of mascara.

Use a lip liner in a shade that compliments your lipstick and create a great shape. Using a lip brush, apply your lipstick. Choose a berry-red hue for instant glamour and finish with a dab of lip gloss in the centre of your lips for a really full look.

Remember, Christmas comes but once a year so enjoy every minute.