Buy For Your Body Shape


Fashion for your shape

If you love the latest fashion trends then you will no doubt regularly spend time traipsing the high street to update your wardrobe with the latest buys from your favourite stores paying little attention to the cost that’s involved.

It’s a fact that most of us are happy to break the budget on the fashion front. But, no matter how stylish you are or how much you pay, your clothes will just not look good if they don’t flatter your figure.

Recognising and understanding your body shape is essential for looking great in the outfits that you spend your hard-earned cash on. Choosing the appropriate shapes, cuts and styles will prove to do more for you than the latest ‘must have’ designs ever could – and that’s because the correct clothes work with your body shape to emphasise everything that’s good and conceal what’s not.

So, before you go shopping, check out our guide to what’s right for you – you’ll be surprised at the results.

There are four classic female body shapes:


hourglass-model-wears-dress-130-star-by-julien-mcdonaldThis is regarded as the most desirable female body shape – it epitomises femininity. This figure is defined by shoulders and hips that are similar in size and a waist that is significantly narrow in relation to the two.

Choose simple, tailored and classically cut clothes that will show off your curves. Always emphasise your tiny waist by choosing wrap tops and slim fitting jackets. Dresses and skirts that finish just above the knee will showcase your shape.

Be sure to avoid frills, embellishments and fussy clothes; instead keep things simple.


boyish-model-wears-top-95-skirt-165-butterfly-by-matthew-williamsonIf you have narrow hips, a small waist and petite bust, then your shape is defined as being athletic and boyish. You will have a model like figure that is slim and elongated  perfect for squeezing into any top designer dress.

Creating curves is important for this body shape, so wearing tops that are structured to create the illusion of an hourglass figure are ideal especially when embellished with layers of lace and fabric around the bust and hips.

Drawing attention to the waist with a wide belt shows off a slim figure and creates a curvy silhouette. Bold patterns, colours and prints look best on a slender frame.

Avoid clothes that are plain and shapeless they wont create the feminine look you need.


pear-model-wears-dress-120-siren-by-gilesNarrow shoulders, wide hips and fuller thighs create the pear shape. The main consideration when choosing clothes to flatter this body shape is to draw attention away from the lower half and bring the focus on the shoulders and bust.

Tops should be fitted and should end at the top of the hips to show off the waist. Wide, structured and embellished shoulders broaden the frame and patterned and textured blouses, jumpers and shirts create volume where it’s needed. A-line dresses and skirts skim the hips for a flattering result.

Keep away from short, tight skirts that emphasise your biggest area.


apple-model-wears-top-40-trousers-50-bag-45-star-by-julien-macdonaldAn enviable large bust, broad shoulders, narrow hips and a full middle are typical of an apple shaped figure and so, the goal when dressing this body shape is to attain balance. The shoulders and waist require slimming and the torso lengthening. Choose clothes that skim your figure and that won’t cling. Boot-cut jeans and belted jackets look great on apple shapes.

Patterns and detailing aren’t flattering for this shape so stick to straightforward designs.