Devonshire author pens scorching account of London’s river firefighters

A Devonshire author is set to publish his historical book this month. David C. Pike, of Barnstaple, has written Fire-floats and Fireboats. With more than 250 fascinating illustrations, it is certain to appeal to lovers of London and aficionados of…

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Adam Rutherford: The Story Of Our DNA

‘May you live in interesting times’ says the apocryphal Chinese curse. I think a lot of us are longing to live in less interesting times, but so it goes. Brexit seems to have fueled a surge in the expression of…

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On The Airwaves

Pilot Mark Vanhoenacker is the author of our Non-fiction Book of the Month Skyfaring. After leaving academia, Vanhoenacker initially worked as a management consultant. Regular flying rekindled his childhood dream of becoming a pilot and he began flight training in…

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Isle of Man Fire Brigade History

The story of the Isle of Man Fire Brigade can be traced back to 20 October 1803, with the arrival of 2 fire engines from England. They belonged to the Sun Insurance Office run by the Douglas agent James Moore….

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London's Firefighters

London’s Firefighters by David C. Pike

David’s newest book, London’s Firefighters, is available to buy from 30th September. ‘London’s Firefighters is a wonderfully readable, lavishly illustrated anthology of articles, fiction and verse about the London Fire Brigade, most of it gathered from the Brigade’s house magazines…

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Beyond the Flames by David C. Pike

Beyond the Flames is a captivating account- sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, but never dull – of David Pike’s career in, and dedication to, fire fighting in the capital city. As a teenager at a South London comprehensive school, young David…

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